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When the weather gets warm in Belgium, everyone seems to be looking for a great park or spacious terrace to soak up the sun. A few days ago, when the sun was shining and the temperatures were higher than usual, my partner in crime and I decided to escape Brussels and spend the day in beautiful Ghent. After strolling around the city for a few good hours, it was high time for a cup of coffee and I knew exactly where to go: Bord’Eau Brasserie.

Located in the renovated Old Fish Market, Bord’Eau Brasserie (also known as “De Ous Vismijn”) is one of the most beautiful café-restaurants in Ghent. You just need to be lucky to grab a seat on the terrace and enjoy the incredible views over the canal. I could literally spend hours admiring the beautiful architecture and little boats going up and down the water. So pretty and only a short ride away from Brussels. 

If I had to complain for one thing that would be the service which is sometimes slow but I can forgive everything for this view. Next time I’m eager to have lunch or dinner there which judging by the desserts will be pretty good. If you’re looking for a lovely spot to stretch your legs after exploring Ghent, Bord’Eau Brasserie is a great option!

Address: St. Veerleplein 5, Ghent 9000, Belgium
Telephone: +32 9 2232000
*UPDATE: Unfortunately, Bord d’Eau Brasserie is now closed.*
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Sandy (@smarksthespots)