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One of the best things about sharing my favourite spots with you through the blog is that readers / fellow foodies are also keen on giving me some really great tips. Bocca Moka coffee shop in Brussels was another gem I got to track down thanks to a dear reader – the same one actually who recommended Hei Shop & Tea

As soon as I made my way up to Chaussée de Charleroi and reached Bocca Moka, I couldn’t help but notice this blackboard. I smiled and entered only to discover what has become ever since one of my favourite coffee spots in Brussels! The decor is fairly simple (just wish there were a few more comfy sofas), there’s free wifi and big windows letting plenty of light in – a quiet and very relaxing space just like a proper cafe should be. The real highlight though, just like at L’Atelier en Ville, lies all the way in the back: a spacious garden terrace where you can enjoy your coffee under the sun. 

Bocca Moka is a coffee aficionado’s work of art, which means that this place is all about good coffee. Karina Salieva, the owner, wanted to introduce different brewing methods in the Brussels’ coffee scene, like the V60 ceramic drip, Aeropress and the Japanese siphon. I also hear that Bocca Moka will soon add even more options completely new to Belgium, such as molecular coffee. Can’t wait for that one! Such brewing methods do take time, hence the name “slow coffee”, but the end result is absolutely worth the wait as they release all the flavours of the coffee. Aside from slow coffee, you can also enjoy an all-classic espresso, macchiato or cappuccino

As for the coffee itself, you’re spoilt with choice as you can find coffee varieties from all over the world. My only regret? I didn’t get to try a barraquito, a specialty coffee from Tenerife with condensed milk, cinnamon, a bit of lemon peel and foam milk. That’s definitely a reason to come back again! My tip: When you visit Bocca Moka, take a moment to go through the available options and pick something different to try – you’ll be positively surprised! And if you’re also a bit hungry, you can accompany your coffee with a bagel, a muffin or a slice of cake.

Address: Chausée de Charleroi 41, 1060 Brussels, Belgium
Telephone: +32 488 095544

*UPDATE: Unfortunately, Hei Shop & Tea is now closed.*bocca_moka_brussels_blog_smarksthespots_01 bocca_moka_brussels_blog_smarksthespots_02 bocca_moka_brussels_blog_smarksthespots_03 bocca_moka_brussels_blog_smarksthespots_04 bocca_moka_brussels_blog_smarksthespots_05 bocca_moka_brussels_smarksthespots_blog_10 bocca_moka_brussels_smarksthespots_blog_11bocca_moka_brussels_blog_smarksthespots_06 bocca_moka_brussels_blog_smarksthespots_07 bocca_moka_brussels_blog_smarksthespots_08 bocca_moka_brussels_blog_smarksthespots_09

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