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Every Spring there’s something magical happening in a forest close to Brussels. Hallerbos (in Dutch) or Bois de Halle (in French), is a beech forest near the town of Halle around 15 km south of Brussels, which you may remember from this post

A large part of the original forest was destroyed during the WWI, but thanks to a major replanting that took place between 1930-1950 Hallerbos survived and has been thriving ever since. The forest is beautiful throughout the year but from mid-late April to early May millions of bluebells blossom creating a blue carpet, hence the name “Blue Forest”. I was looking forward to visiting Hallerbos in full bloom for a few good months, so last Saturday after a 30-minute drive from Brussels I finally arrived ready to explore one of Belgium’s best kept secrets! 

The whole scenery is out of this world: blue-coloured wild hyacinths cover the ground and spread as far as the eye can see forming a spectacular sea of flowers. Up close the bluebells are delicate yet their density creates a blue-purple haze and fills the air with an intense sweet fragrance that reminded me of lilacs – a truly unique sight that seems like a fairy tale. Definitely one of the best spots to visit in Belgium during spring! A very important tip: bear in mind that in order to fully experience the magic of the blue carpet in Hallerbos you have to visit it during the first 7-10 days following the blossoming of the beech leaves when the sunlight reaches the bluebells through the leaf canopy and creates this spectacular colour effect.

After a very long hike around the forest I returned back to Brussels feeling revived and extremely happy. If you haven’t visited Hallerbos in bloom, put it in your agendas. No matter how many pictures you see, there is no way one can capture the beauty of the forest. It’s a lovely place for families, nature and photography lovers, cyclists and horseback riding enthusiasts; not to mention a very romantic promenade for couples!

Address: Hallerbos, Belgium

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