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One of the things I’ve been trying to practice more lately is appreciation: to recognise and enjoy all the good stuff, from small every day things to greater personal and professional achievements. So today’s post is all about that! I wanted to take a moment to share and celebrate one of those kind of moments.

A few months ago, a very kind reader sent me a message thanking me for all the tips and mentioning how glad she was that S Marks The Spots was included amongst the “Best Brussels’ Blogs” in the book “The 500 Hidden Secrets of Brussels”. I was taken completely by surprise! The next morning I made my way to a bookstore and bought myself a copy. As I flipped through the pages, my heart was beating a tad faster until I finally landed on the right one. There it was: my blog on top of the list! I couldn’t stop smiling!

It was right there that I realised I had come full circle. A few years ago, having just arrived in Brussels, I remember sitting at Cook & Book and browsing an older edition of this book to find out about nice places I could try. Little did I know that I would get to love Brussels so much, create this space and eventually make it into this book amongst the best things the city has to offer. It just makes me so incredibly proud and happy! A big thanks to all of you for loving the blog, your messages and tips. We have achieved this together and I’m grateful for that!  

Full Circle - S Marks The Spots BlogFull Circle - S Marks The Spots Blog

Sandy (@smarksthespots)