It’s never a bad time for ice cream but there’s certainly a good time for it, especially on a sunny warm day. As you probably know by now, I have a major sweet tooth and over the years, I’ve made sure to try almost every ice cream shop around Brussels. The quest is still ongoing (this is my excuse to consume abundant quantities of my favourite summer treat!) but here are my top picks. 



This spot is one of my absolute favourites for chocolate and ice cream. It’s actually part of one of my favourite foodie rituals when I find myself in Sainte-Catherine, lunch at Noordzee followed by an ice cream scoop (or two) at Frederic Blondeel and cocktails at Dona Flor. You can’t go wrong no matter what flavour you go for but my preferred ones are orange, hazelnut and of course, Belgian chocolate. 



Located close to Place Stéphanie, just a few metres away from Bocca Moka, Il Monello is the work of two Italian siblings who wanted to create an authentic Italian gelateria in Brussels. The store, which used to house a bakery before, is spacious and colorful with a special corner for kids where they can draw and play. Be sure to try the bitter chocolate, I love it! > Read the full review here <nanouk_brussels_smarksthespots_blog


Nanouk is a cute little food truck specialised in artisanal ice cream made with natural ingredients and lots of love. Christine, the lovely owner, makes the ice cream herself using just fresh fruits, organic milk, cream and eggs, so you can expect to taste the real thing. You can spot her in various markets, like the Chatelain one on Wednesdays, the one in the Parvis de Saint-Gilles on Thursdays or in Place des Chasseurs Ardennais on Fridays. > Read the full review here <



This is my go-to place for ice cream in Uccle. I love the dense and creamy texture of the ice cream here and the fact that I’m spoilt with choice when it come to flavours. Ever since it opened, Il Gelato has expanded with new branches around Brussels but the space in Uccle is quite nice and steps away from the next one on the list – keep reading! 



Glacier Zizi is a famlily-run business founded in 1948 that started by offering just a handful of flavours. Today there is far more choice and one can even find ice cream for diabetics as well as rice milk-based products. The interior is a bit old-school for my taste but I don’t mind as long as the ice cream is good. If you like toppings, try their chantilly – it’s yummy!



Located in the place of another old Brussels’ favourite, Comus & Gasterea, this spot is probably the most recent from the lot but it offers great ice cream. There are several different flavours that will tempt you but I always go back for the sorbets as they are light and very tasty indeed. Bonus points for the large terrace and kind staff who always serve you with a smile. > Read the full review here <



Mellow offers frozen yoghurt rather than ice cream but I love it so much that I had to include it in the list anyway! This spot is a great choice if you’re looking to taste a healthier – and as it turns out equally tasty – alternative. The shop in Place de Londres is super cute and has a little terrace in front when you can sit down and enjoy. Feel free to tag me in your photos with the #seemybrussels hashtag and let me know which are your favourite toppings; I can always use some inspiration for my next visit! > Read the full review here <

Have you tried any of these places? What are your favorite spots for ice cream in Brussels?

Sandy (@smarksthespots)