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A while ago I shared on Instagram a photo of this adorable garden and promised to tell you all about it. Well, the time has come! L’ Atelier en Ville has been a welcome addition to the Brussels cafe scene as it’s unlike any other place in town. 

Housed in an old industrial building in the Marolles area, L’ Atelier en Ville reminds me very much of hipster coffee spots in Berlin, only cooler as it’s also a furniture shop. Think of a big yet cozy space filled with stylish furniture and design items for sale – rustic and modern elements that blend in together in an impressive way. Apart from the furniture on display, you can also order customized pieces or get decoration advice; trust me it’s hard to leave empty-handed! If you’re more into fashion, make sure to check the PoloPolo boutique on the first floor where Cristina, the Spanish owner, always picks the greatest garments and labels, including my beloved Manoush.

But the best part is hidden all the way in the back: a quiet garden with pastel-coloured walls, wooden chairs and lots of shade where you can read a book, have a cup of Kusmi tea al fresco or simply enjoy the sun. I could definitely see it becoming one of my favourite terraces in Brussels! The selection of cakes and beverages covers all tastes and there are bagels too, which I still need to try.  

If you’re looking for a place that combines relaxation and shopping, L’Atelier en Ville is a great choice. The best part? It’s also open on Sundays, so after a light brunch there, you can head to the antique market of La Place du Jeu de Balles for some serious treasure hunting! 

Address: Rue Haute 64, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Telephone: +32 2 5140480
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