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One of my happiest discoveries the first time I visited NYC was the Anthropologie store in Soho. A few years later their first retail store opened in London and ever since, I cannot pass by it without popping in for a quick look even if it means that I have to bear the crowds at Regent Street on a Saturday (and that says a lot!). 

It’s actually amazing how Anthropologie nails it every time when it comes to interiors. Every corner has me always wishing I could live there or afford their beautiful pieces. I mean check this out, talking about #interiorgoals! The store in Regent street is no exception – it’s spacious, airy and has the the most amazing selection of quirky fashion items, statement jewellery and homeware. Not to mention a big living wall with 14 different types of plants which uses rainwater for irrigation and stretches over three floors – the kind of thing you just can’t stop looking at.

And then there are the clothes and accessories: boho floral dresses, statement rings, pretty headbands, embellished sandals. All too lovely and hard to resist! I realize that not everyone has the budget for Anthropologie but luckily, I have a little tip for you: make sure to look for the well-hidden permanent sales room on the ground floor for a bit of treasure hunting! There are always hidden gems half price.

Address: 158 Regent Street, London W1B 5SW, UK
Telephone: +44 20 75299800
Website / Facebook page
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Sandy (@smarksthespots)