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L’Amour Fou is the Belgian version of an American diner, only a slightly healthier one! After establishing a reputation for serving some of the best burgers in Brussels, this spot has changed concept and offers now an original combination: cocktails and pastrami sandwiches.

What stays the same is the aim to prepare the food as much as possible in the premises: the bread is homemade with rye, fries are handcut and the pastrami meat is also smoked by the team. Apart from the classic pastrami, there’s also one made with organic Black Angus grass-fed beef from Jack O’Shea as well as other options, including salmon and a veggie one. But even if you’re not a pastrami fan, there are other dishes on the menu, like salads, tacos (haven’t tried them yet but I hope they’re as good as the ones from El Taco Mobil!), wraps, quesadillas and nachos. Luckily, theire famous banoffee pie is still on the menu too! On weekends L’Amour Fou serves my favourite meal, i.e. brunch which includes the classic cocktails (hello Bloody Mary and Mimosa!) and several dishes ranging from bagels, to pancakes and of course, the pastrami sandwich.

The atmosphere at L’Amour Fou is cozy and laid back, which makes it ideal for an informal meal or a drink until late at night when the place is transformed into a popular bar venue with DJ events and live concerts. I’m going back soon to try their cocktails who are supposed to be great from what I hear, so watch this space! 

Address: Chaussée d’Ixelles 185, 1050 Ixelles, Belgium
Telephone: +32 2 3257353
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