Brussel’s coffee culture seems to be booming these past few years with great new cafes popping up all around town next to old-time favourites. Here’s my selection of 10 cafes that you should absolutely try in the EU capital and why! 



Belga is a Brussels institution. Located right across the Ixelles ponds in an Art Deco building, Belga has one of the most spacious and sunny terraces in the city. Add in the mix a relaxed atmosphere, free wifi, democratic prices and you’ll see why it’s so popular with locals and visitors alike. > Read the full review here <



A great spot to try Ethiopian coffee just a stone’s throw from the beautiful Grand Place. Organically grown and made from single origin beans, coffee here is roasted on a daily basis and has a very rich flavor. Don’t leave without trying the passion fruit tart! > Read the full review here <



Here you’ll get some of the best coffee in Brussels. Pick one of the two branches (there’s one in Dansaert and another in Place Jourdan) and enjoy coffee varieties from all over the world brewed with different techniques to highlight their flavour and aroma. Industrial decor, free wifi and knowledgeable staff who are happy to help. > Read the full review here <

Belga & Co, Brussels - S Marks The Spots Blog


This cafe is one of those places that work very well on different occasions: coffee with friends, working on your laptop, a quick break between shopping or a little snack if you’re hungry. No wonder why people love it and it seems to be always full, especially on Sundays> Read the full review here <



De Markten is one of my favourite places to soak up the sun on a warm day in Brussels. Located in Sainte-Catherine, one of the most beautiful areas in the centre of Brussels, it has a lovely terrace and is close to some great foodie spots like Noordzee, Charli, Ellis Gourmet Burger and Umamido> Read the full review here <



This little cafe close to Chatelain is a locals’ favourite. Small and simply decorated with a subtle industrial feel, it serves great coffee, free wifi, lots of magazines to flip through and some of the best bagels in Brussels. Bring your friends, your laptop and make sure to try their speculoos latte! > Read the full review here <



Founded in 1912 and still a family-run business, Maison Renardy is an oasis of calmness in the Matonge area where sweets are homemade and coffee is served on a silver platter. I love it for its elegance and attention to detail. > Read the full review here <



This trendy cafe in the border of Saint-Gilles and Forest is yet another baby of  the Fred Nicolay family, which includes among others PotemkineFlamingo and La Belle Equipe. Spacious terrace, service at the bar, free wifi and light snacks to much on if you’re hungry. > Read the full review here <



A cozy cafe where you can relax, catch up on work on your laptop, read a book or hang out with friends. The interior is fun, bright and there’s free wifi. As its logo suggests, Jat indeed loves to make coffee for a city that loves to drink it! > Read the full review here <

Have you tried any of these places? Which are your favourite cafes in Brussels?

Sandy (@smarksthespots)