Last time I was in London I decided to treat myself into a lunch at Viajante. The man behind Viajante (which means “traveller” in Portuguese) is the fiercely talented chef Nuno Mendes, who was already known to me for constantly pushing boundaries with his innovative cooking techniques.

We were seated in the first of the restaurant’s two rooms which is angled towards the open kitchen, allowing us to watch the focused team methodically assembling each dish. The concept is quite straightforward: There is no choice of menu, but rather a series of appetisers followed by three, six or nine courses. My personal favourite was the sea bream with fennel, miso and caramel sauce – sublime.

Given its high standards and the Michelin star it got just ten months after its opening, Viajante is definitely not the best option if you are budgeting but perfect for a special occasion!

Town Hall Hotel, Patriot Square, London E2 9NF, UK; +44 20 78710461; website

*UPDATE March ’13: Unfortunately, this venue is now closed.*

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