The Rochelle Canteen is a well-kept foodie secret (or at least so far, until foodie spies like myself revealed its existence!). Hidden behind the doors of an old Victorian school in Shoreditch, it’s the perefect spot to enjoy a calm hearty meal and soak up the sun on its fantastic terrace overlooking the grassy courtyard of the building.

The restaurant itself is located in the converted bike shed of the school – tiny with communal tables and an open kitchen, where all the magic takes place! Finding the place can be challenging given the complete absence of any sign whatsoever. Just buzz yourselves in through the boys’ entrance – a tip I can share with you after looking for more than a few minutes (!) The menu changes daily and is freshly made; don’t expect fancy ingredients, tiny portions or elaborate dish presentations – just homely, comforting food. Don’t expect a big fat glass of wine of beer either; alcohol is not served, but you can bring your own liquor for a £5 corkage fee per bottle. The Rochelle Canteen is only open on weekdays during lunchtime, that’s what keeps the big crowds away and preserves its unique character: a relaxed place with excellent food for the ones who know best!   

Rochelle School Arnold Circus, London E2 7ES, UK+44 20 77295677; website

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