When it comes to a  hearty meal, Aussies know a thing or two. Australian-ran Lantana Café is no exception to that rule. I’ve been to this cute little eatery on several occasions, so here’s my tip for you: if you don’t mind waiting for a table, try the weekend brunch. Given that patience is not my virtue, I enjoy the place more when it’s calm and less busy. I always go for a cup of their excellent coffee and the heavenly cinnamon French toast with blueberry compote, honey ricotta and toasted almonds or the toasted banana bread with spiced mascarpone and fresh passion fruit – both recommended!

Apparently, the name “lantana” comes from a beautiful flowering plant transported from South America to Australia and renowned for its tenacity. I’m sure Lantana will hold on just as strongly!

13 Charlotte Place,  London W1T 1SN, UK; +44 20 76373347; website / facebook page

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