I have a spot spot for cheese. There’s just something special about it in the sense that it can be incorporated it into every meal and works well for different occasions. Having already spotted a mini cheese heaven in Madrid aka Poncelet Cheese Bar, I recently found love in La Fromagerie.

La Fromagerie has two branches in London; the original in Highbury and another just off Marylebone High Street. Marylebone is one of my favourite neighbourhoods in London (even more so now that the Patisserie des Reves is opening its first London store in the area). Let’s talk about their cheese first. La Fromagerie has a glass-walled cheese room where a great variety of cheese from all over the world is displayed. Their English and French variety is excellent, but even if you’re not the biggest connoisseurs the staff are always willing to help and let you taste samples.

Apart from the gorgeous cheese shop, La Fromagerie also comprises a gourmet grocery and wine shop, where among other goodies I found Poilane bread and the yummiest granola ever, and a little café tucked in the back, where you can sit down and enjoy one of their delicious cheese platters, coffee and cake or a light meal. The sitting area consists mainly of a wooden communal table and they don’t take reservations, so there might be a bit of a wait until you get seated but it is absolutely worth it!

Address: Moxon Street 2-6, London W1U 4EW, UK
Telephone: +44 20 79350341
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Sandy (@smarksthespots)