My sweet tooth has led me to try some amazing places during my trips (check this spot and this one too for the top contenders!) and although I try to behave, I’m more than happy to discover new ones when I’m in Brussels. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll probably love COCO Donuts!

Candice Tielemans and Chloé Sengier, the ladies behind COCO Donuts, thought up the idea while in Sydney and began by selling online and then opening a pop-up store. Nowadays they have a cute little shop on a quiet side street off the Petit Sablon and have become everyone’s favourite. Every day they prepare a batch of no fewer than 200 fresh donuts using organic and, for the most part, locally sourced ingredients.

The first thing you will notice upon entering are loads of donuts in wooden crates. Believe me, they’re hard to resist! There are many different flavours from classics (like wild berries, salted caramel, sugar and cinnamon) to more experimental ones (like cuberdon, maple syrup and bacon), so it’s almost impossible not to find something you like. My partner in crime and I tried a few donuts (for research purposes only!) and a cup of coffee. The beans actually come from Brûlerie Belleville (you can also find them at My Little Cup and La Petite Production in Brussels) which I really like.

The verdict? The dough is somewhat different from the American one but still yummy. Fluffy, a little moist and overly sweet or greasy (apparently the ladies fry the donuts for about two minutes or so), they taste a little bit like a brioche with toppings. Let’s not forget they are handmade though, so I would go back for more. There’s a little terrace outside, so it’s a nice spot to catch up with a friend or treat your kids, but you can also purchase to take away. Oh, and if you’re wondering about the name, the story behind it is a nice one. C(hloé) O C(andice) O, the ”O”’s being Donuts.

Address: Rue Sainte-Anne 36, 1000 Brussels, Belgium 
Telephone: +32 498 574316
WebsiteFacebook page

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