Most people think Brussels is all grey and miserable but actually, it’s one of the greenest cities of Europe. Apart from the green spaces a bit further away from the city, like Tervuren, La Hulpe or Hallerbos, there are various spots to choose from within the EU capital. Ready? Let’s take a tour around Brussels’ best parks!



The Bois de la Cambre / Ter Kamerenbos is a green lung for Brussels as it’s right at the edge of the Sonian Forest. Great for exercising or a picnic with friends and home to Le Chalet Robinson, a café – restaurant located on a tiny island with a lovely terrace overlooking the park. > Read the full article here <



Located in the heart of the European quarter of Brussels, the Cinquantenaire is littered with beautiful buildings, tall trees, free chaise longues, a beautiful fountain and the obligatory waffle van> Read the full article here <



A small but lovely green space in the EU quarter which is the perfect place to relax and enjoy some quiet time with your book. If you get hungry, pop by Living Room a cup of tea and dessert or Kokuban for a Japanese meal. > Read the full article here <



This spot is a a hidden gem. Located right behind The Hotel, Egmont Park is an oasis of calm where you can lay down, enjoy a picnic and admire the beautiful sculptures, including the famous Peter Pan one. La Fabrique en Ville, one of my favourite spots in Brussels, happens to be located there too! > Read the full article here <



Don’t be fooled but its small size; Tenbosch park is beautiful and a great option for families as it has a really nice playground. Not to mention it’s close to some delicious places like Ba Ba Bagel Bakery and the Garage à Manger> Read the full article here <



Perhaps not the greenest park in the city but definitely the most fun as it hosts various events, like eat! Brussels, the comics festival, music concerts and the celebrations for the Belgian National Day> Read the full article here <

Have you been to any of these places? Which are your favourite parks in Brussels?

Sandy (@smarksthespots)

  • Marcus Ampe

    July 27, 2015 at 15:56

    Having lived in London, now living close to Brussels, I must say in the city itself is not so much green as in London, though I would agree there are lovely ‘hidden’ corners and the Zoniënwoud has much to make it up. Also some gardens of musea are worthwhile visiting. I would also like to recommend some pearls like the castle of Gaasbeek, the rose garden Coloma in Sint Pieters Leeuw, the gardens of the Africa museum and arboretum in Tervuren, Kingponds in Groenendaal and delles in Sint-Genesius Rode and Jezus-Eik,National flower garden in Meise.
    By bike people can follow several green bike tours (Fietsroutenetwerk).

    Please do come enjoy the green in and around Brussels.

    • S Marks The Spots

      July 28, 2015 at 13:17

      Thanks so much for your great tips, Marcus! I have already been to the Coloma Rose Garden in Sint Pieters leeuw and the National Garden in Meise which are indeed beautiful but I am really keen on discovering all the other spots you mention and report back. 🙂

      • Marcus Ampe

        January 25, 2016 at 13:10

        Have you seen already the very nice Colonial garden and visited the Japanese house and gardens around it; the one park forming Ossegem Park, Parc de Laeken, Stuyvenber Park, and Domaine Royal? The Brussels Park at the Rue Royale, Rue de la Loi, Rue Ducale, Place des Palais is very small but quite cute, the same for the Botanique and the Parc de Cinquantenaire.

        Must sees are the Castle of Gaasbeek, and being areound Lennik you can go and walk also at the other site of the ring in a hidden part of green of Brussel (see down), the lovely domains around the Royal Museum of Mid-Africa and the
        Zoniën woud (take into account the museum is now closed for some
        time). The zoniën woud and the arboretum in Tervuren with the parc around the museum is one of my regulars. The Red Cloister (Rode Klooster) you may not miss and I myself
        also liked to stroll often in the park of Sint-Pieters Woluwe.

        Of interest may also be the Laeken and Ixelle cemetry, the Egmont Park, the Leopold Park, the Osseghem park, the Halle Bos and some very nice place of green between the the ring and the city at the West of Brussel. To enter the Laarbeek Bos you best go by the Bois de Poel Bosch in Jette and visit at the same day the Koning boudewein Park, next to the Parc d ela Jeunesse and the Dieleghemse Bos.

        Also the Drie Fonteinenand Hansenspark in Vilvoorde may be placed on the list. In Hoeilaart you may go to see the arboretum Groenendaal and Priory of the abey.

        I hope those place shall be able to find a place in your heart as well, and do not forget to take your camera with you when going to visit them.

        If you are able to get up early in the Zoniën would you might find seeing the deer.

        • S Marks The Spots

          January 26, 2016 at 11:20

          Wow, thanks for this very comprehensive list! Have already been to some of these but there are definitely a lot of places I still need to go with my camera and share here on the blog. Come Spring, I will start crossing them of my list. 🙂

      • Marcus Ampe

        January 25, 2016 at 13:17

        Oh ho I forgot to mention the Terkkameren Bods or Bois de la Cambre, but probably you visited that already by know.