Albion is one of my favourite spots in East London for a quick coffee or an afternoon cup of tea. This modern café forms part of  the Boundary Project, Terence Conran’s multidisciplinary space, which comprises Boundary Rooftop (with killer views over the city – on my to-do list when the weather gets warmer!), Boundary Restaurant (I’ve had a bday dinner there and fully recommend it!) and finally, the Albion.

The space is divided in a cute small food store selling homemade bread, cakes, croissants, seasonal greens and various foodie delicacies and the charming café serving delicious dishes prepared in the open plan kitchen. Don’t expect anything too fancy; just simple British food, a bustling atmosphere, free wi-fi and homemade treats (I looove their scones!) during the whole day 7/7. You’ll love it!

Boundary Street 2-4, London E2 7DD, UK; +44 20 77291051; website

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Sandy (@smarksthespots)

  • Suz

    So. want. to. go. there. right. now! I so enjoy your lovely posts! 🙂

  • Great place indeed, wish I could be there myslef right now! …and thanks so much; you made my day! I have more great finds coming up! 🙂

  • Shoreditch has many great places, so you’ll have a lot of discovering to do! 🙂 Let me know how liked it when you go!