Brussels is considered to be boring, grey and overrun by Eurocrats. As I have stated many times before on this blog, Brussels is a hidden gem which takes time to discover. Locals sometimes tend to overlook its qualities, so this post is a reminder to myself and those who have come to appreciate all the little things that make our EU capital a beautiful place to live in. Voilà, the 10 reasons why I love Brussels!

#1 Admiring my favourite heroes on comics walls in every other corner around town. 

#2 The joy of discovering new spots off the beaten path: an amazing restaurant, a secret terrace, the most beautiful bookshop in Europegorgeous views over the city for free. 


#3 Antique shopping at Les Marolles and a cup of tea at the beautiful terrace of L’Atelier en Ville.

#4 Indulging in fresh seafood with a glass of champagne under the sun at Noordzee – La Mer du Nord in Sainte-Catherine followed by coffee and dessert at Charli.


#5 Beautiful parks and gardens in and around the city: some well-known, some a bit more hidden and others very little known.

#6 The beer culture which is slowly turning me into a beer aficionado.


#7 Chocolate from Laurent Gerbaud and truffles from Pierre Marcolini.

#8 The famous Flower Carpet, i.e. a sea of flowers in the middle of the Grand Place during summer.


#9 Stunning architecture and beautiful Art Nouveau details everywhere.

#10 Being able to meet and learn new things from people from around the world.

Why do you love Brussels? 

Sandy (@smarksthespots)

  • Michaela

    indeed! We love Brussels for all these reasons mentioned in the article – good one! The comics walls, beer culture, flower carpet and other events throughthough the year, the city is just alive!! I almost forgot my beloved Filigranes bookstore. Love that one!! You can come for lunch or spend hours choosing a new book 🙂 …Bruxelles, ma belle 🙂

    • Thank you, Michaela 🙂 Filigranes is a great spot indeed and I love the fact that it’s open on Sundays. Definitely another reason to love Brussels!

  • Denis Vitokhin

    The beautiful city I have ever seen!) J’adore Bruxelles!)))

  • My choice would be the incredible neighborhoods such as Watermael-Boitsfort, a bit removed from the town center but with a quality of life unparalleled in most parts of the world.

    • I love Watermael-Boitsfort too. It’s a true oasis of calmness and one of the many reasons why living in (or around) Brussels is so special!

  • Susanne Hosek

    I moved to Brussels almost 3 years ago. Normally, I should stay there only for the internship 7 months, but I went there and I Fell in love with the culture and living. So I stayed there and I am still living there in happiness and prosperity!!!

    • This is very similar to my story 🙂 When I arrived to Brussels, I thought I would only stay for a year and ended up never leaving. That’s the beauty of Brussels!

  • Jean-Claude Ahn

    I love Brussels because my grandmother was from Brussels my grand grandfather, my grand grand grand father was from Brussels. I like even the ugly houses, around the Palais de Justice, the Marolles, the fake bilingual names like Place du jeu de balles – Vossenplein, Maison du Roi – Broodhuis, rue de l’homme chretien – Kerstenmannetjesstraat. I like those peole who speak French with a Flemish accent and Flemish grammar. I like to drink a gueuze in an old tavern like La Becasse. I am keen on chips with a different sauce each time of the year. I like Kipkap, black pudding, and a lot of specialities the butchers of this town can make. I like the wits of those people who distrust French, Dutch and other arrogant foreigners.

    • Great write up Jean-Claude; it’s all about the little things indeed! Never tried Kipkap but will definitely do soon 🙂